How to Watch Netflix and Hulu in the Middle East


Without a doubt, Netflix and Hulu are two of the best streaming giant services the world can offer. Both of them offers great features such as user friendly interface and affordable membership fees. But while you are wondering which of the two platforms is better than the other, you should also understand that Netflix and Hulu are blocked in the Middle East.

As of posting, Netflix is available North and South America, Australia, Japan, New  Zealand, and some parts of Europe, while Hulu is only available in the US. In October

2015, there were reports that Netflix has plans to extend their services to the Middle East. For the meantime, here are some tips on how to watch Netflix and Hulu if you are or will go to the Middle East.

Proxy servers

A proxy server is a free application or computer system that acts as your middleman while browsing the web. Once you are connected to the system, it then sends a request to the web page you want to visit using its IP address. But although proxies are very to use and your real IP address and location are hidden, traffic is not encrypted which means you are not totally safe. In addition, connection is very slow and is not suitable for gaming and video streaming.


Hola, being a web browser extension or add­on, is very popular among Netflix and Hulu users. It is readily available for download for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and works well on Android and iOs devices. Although the current subscription fee is $5 a month, you can also choose its free service. But in May 2015, Hola was heavily criticized after free users realized that their bandwidth was being sold to other users via its sister company, Luminati.


Tor, which has an original project name of The Onion Router, is also famous for being an effective anonymization service. Just like its competitors, Tor allows you to browse the web anonymously by providing you a new IP address, and therefore hiding your real IP address and geo­location. However, many Tor users outside the US complain its speed and audio quality when they use the service for video streaming, especially for Netflix and Hulu.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN runs using with almost on the same principle as the ones mentioned above, but definitely in a more secured manner. Once you are connection on a VPN server, your web traffic is highly encrypted that any third party can hardly intercept. VPN services are also proven very effective in video streaming because of its fast connection. There are also free services, but paid VPNs are much better, especially in terms of security and customer service.


Internet censorship in the Arab nations is very strict, with most of its countries belong to the so called “Enemies of the Internet.” So if you want to fully enjoy Netflix and Hulu during your stay in Middle East, using a VPN is so far the best option. Just make sure you choose a reliable VPN service provider, and you don’t do illegal activities online.




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