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Anti-Cyber Crime Law is not new. It works in Kingdom  since 26 March 2007.

Let’s consider the types of violations people can do without even knowing that.

Here is the original Anti-Cyber Crime Law on Saudi Arabia government website. http://www.citc.gov.sa/English/RulesandSystems/CITCSyste/Documents/LA_004_%20E_%20Anti-Cyber%20Crime%20Law.pdf

The main goals of this law is really clear:

  1. Enhancement of information security.
  2. Protection of rights pertaining to the legitimate use of computers and information networks.
  3. Protection of public Interest, morals, and common values.
  4. Protection of national economy.

For the next cyber crimes person can expect such punishment as imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding live hundred thousand riyals:

  1. Spying on, interception or reception of data transmitted through an information network or a computer without legitimate authorization.
  2. Unlawful access to computers with the intention to threaten or blackmail any person to compel him to take or refrain from taking an action, be it lawful or unlawful.
  3. Unlawful access to a web site, or hacking a web site with the intention to change its design, destroy or modify it, or occupy its URL.
  4. Invasion of privacy through the misuse of camera-equipped mobile phones and the like.
  5. Defamation and infliction of damage upon others through the use of various information technology devices.


The following crimes are punished by Imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years and a fine not exceeding two million :

  1. Acquisition of movable property or bonds for oneself or others or signing such bonds through fraud or use of false name or identity.
  2. Illegally accessing bank or credit data, or data pertaining to ownership of securities with the intention of obtaining data, information, funds or services offered.


Some of the next violations will lead to imprisonment for a period not exceeding four years and a fine not exceeding three million riyals or to either punishment:

  1. Unlawful access to computers with the intention to delete, erase, destroy, leak, damage, alter or redistribute private data
  2. Causing the information network to halt or breakdown, or destroying, deleting, leaking or altering existing or stored programs or data.
  3. Obstruction of access to, distortion, and causing the breakdown of services by any means.

The most important part for usual Internet users!


  1. Production, preparation, transmission, or storage of material impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy, through the information network or computers.
  2. The construction or publicizing of a website on the information network or computer to promote or facilitate human trafficking.
  3. The preparation, publication, and promotion of material for pornographic or gambling sites which violates public morals.

Can lead to five years imprisonment and a fine three million riyals!

Be careful and think before writing or sharing post is social networks!

We wrote about a man who was deported from the country for such cyber crime.

The crimes below are considered as the most willful violations:

  1. The construction or publicizing of a website on the information network or on a computer for terrorist organizations to facilitate communication with leaders or members of such organizations, finance them, promote their ideologies, publicize methods of making incendiary devices or explosives, or any other means used in terrorist activities.
  2. Unlawful access to a web site or an information system directly, or through the information network or any computer with the Intention of obtaining data jeopardizing the internal or external security of the State or its national economy.

They are punished by 10 year imprisonment and a fine not exceeding five million riyals.

So now you can understand how serious in Internet censure in Saudi Arabia and how important is caring about your on-line security and privacy!

From Sahrzad’s Blog: http://sahrzad.net/blog/anti-cyber-crime-law-n-saudi-arabia/

Deported from Saudi Arabia for Sending porn pictures via Internet


This story must be interesting and instructive for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia. We have already written that Facebook and Twitter are monitored in KSA, and today we want to ask you be very careful talking via messagers like Whatsapp.

Please think twice before writing something about Saudi Arabia in social media or on some forums because all your posts can be monitored.

Do not write anything against Islam, against government and, of course, porn and gambling related messages are strictly prohibited.

Below is the real story from one person who was deported from Saudi Arabia for sending porn pictures via Internet.

Real story from Deported Man

“I was deported from KSA very recently March 9, 2015 after I was jailed for 1 month, because I was arrested by Muttawas as I was chatting on the social media with an Arab gay and tried to meet the person. I had finger prints in the police  station and one policeman told me that I will be banned in all Gulf countries for five years.
Arab gay in mobile application called whatsapp from a long time. He said he wants to meet me, I refused many times but he insisted to meet me. When it continued for a long time, I finally accepted to meet him because he was insisting so much. When I went to the meeting place in the street he called me in my mobile and while I was talking to him, 2 muttawas came from my back and arrested me. They brought me to the police station. After 2 weeks in jail they
told me that I will be deported to Philippines. I was detained in the police station for 1 month and 1 week then my kafeel came and released me and deported me after 5 days.

While inside the jail I found out that the person I was chatting is the muttawa, he changed his voice to deceive me. There were many saudis inside the jail who were arrested in the same manner that I was arrested but we were chatting in different apps (whatsapp, badoo, who’s here, twitter, instagram). I sent him some adult jokes, porn clips
and pics which they used against me.

My suggestion

to general public and my fellow expatriates is stop using any social media and meet up any anonymous person from the internet. My boss told me that I was terminated by the company because I am gay based on the police report.”

I do understand that Islam disallows such things but, on my opinion, every person must decide this by himself, espessially if he is expat in the country.

Everybody must respect country’s laws, but the laws must respect human rights.

Our Suggestion

Always use secure Internet connection while you are in Saudi Arabia.

VPN (Virtual private network) is the best solution:

  • It is Safe
  • It is secure
  • It is 100% anonymous
  • VPN is the only way for being safe on-line in KSA!


From Sahrzad’s Blog: http://sahrzad.net/blog/deported-from-saudi-arabia-for-sending-porn-pictures-via-internet/

Pros and Cons of Open VPN Technology


If you want to browse the Internet anonymously and simply being secured online, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is without a doubt the best choice. As compared to other methods, VPN offers encrypted web traffic which protects you from undesirable third party. However, there are many types of VPN, and Open VPN is only one of them.

In layman’s term, Open VPN is an open source software application that provides secured virtual connection between two computers at different locations. To achieve secured connection, it uses the OpenSSL encryption library along with other strong security features. Despite being fairly new, it is one of the most preferred VPN protocol.

But before you decide to use it to secure your Internet connection, below are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of Open VPN.


Pros of Open VPN:

 Strong encryption

Open VPN is known for having a strong encryption, which is considerably better against the NSA (National Security Agency). The OpenSSL encryption library supports a number of cryptographic algorithms including the AES which is known for almost no weakness at all.

 Highly reliable

 Besides being secured, Open VPN is highly reliable, thanks to its capability of allowing for repair or reconfiguration even if the network is down. This means that no drop of packets which means no data will be lost once there is a corruption during the communication.

Works with DD-WRT routers

 This is a great advantage if you want to run your local network on a single VPN account. To be able to achieve this, you will need a DD-WRT supporting router. Thiif done correctly, this free Linux-based firmware upgrade allows you to share a single VPN connection.

 Great community support

 This is pretty obvious because of the extreme popularity of Open VPN. And because it is an open source application, it can be easily be modified. This is why you can easily get support from other users around the globe. And yes, it is very much applicable to mobile phones.

We can recommend a great Open VPN for Android – Spider VPN.

 Cons of Open VPN

 Software required

You will need third party software before you can use Open VPN. You will need it for the authentication of the VPN server. If you are not a techie guy, this might be a problem to you. Although it is pretty easy to install, you might find it complicated to use if you are a beginner.

Possibility of High Latency

In terms of Internet, latency is the time delay of the response in the network, and is therefore a waste of time and can be annoying if you playing online games. And because of the high load in Open VPN, you might encounter this problem depending on your location of your access.

There are other disadvantages of Open VPN, but they are considerably minor. For example, it is quite slower than PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and L2TP/IPSec. Some user also note that Open VPN for desktop computers is better than for mobile devices. However, if you are really concern with security and reliability, then you should choose Open VPN.


Original: http://sahrzad.net/blog/pros-and-cons-of-open-vpn-technology/