Netflix in Indonesia – how to unblock in 3 simple steps


Yesterday, January 28, Netflix was blocked in Indonesia by state telco Telkom.

Earlie this month US-based Netflix launched in Indonesia  as part of 130-country simultaneous roll-out. A spokesperson from the streaming company told the Wall St Journal that it did not need said permit as it is not a traditional broadcaster, but an internet broadcaster.

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One expert said the setback had been “inevitable”.

Telekom Indonesia said Netflix needed to work with it to ensure objectionable content was removed.

“The issue is about the permit. They don’t follow the rules. They also display violence and adult content,” the firm’s consumer director Dian Rachmawan told the Jakarta Post newspaper.

“We must [block it] before things get more complicated and create a serious issue.”

The country’s government said that it was not behind the move.

“Other internet service providers are still allowing Netflix access. So, it is a pure corporate decision,” said communications minister Rudiantara.

“[But] it will be difficult for Netflix. You can see for yourself on how much content there is [in Netflix] that must be censored.”

Today Indonesia is one of the most populated nations in Asia with about 250 million people living on islands.

Netflix has not disclosed how it intends to address the issue.

“We’ve seen these reports too and are looking into it. No further comment.” a spokesman told the BBC.

How to unblock Netflix in Indonesia

While the problem is not resolved there is only one solution that can help:

using VPN service to change your IP address to USA (where Netflix is allowed).

So to access Netflix in Indonesia you need:

  1. Get VPN
  2. Setup VPN Connection from your device
  3. Enjoy Netflix videos!

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