UAE: $68,000 fine for swearing in WhatsApp


Are you always polite with your co-workers? If so you can be relaxed – this story cannot affect you. Rude words are present sometimes if your life? Be careful, especially if you are in the UAE.
One person who lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could be fined $68,000 (£42,769) after he swore at his colleague on WhatsApp.

New federal cyber crime law implemented in the country recently says that people charged with online offences could be fined up to £42,769 or jailed. Tourists and foreigners living in UAE are not exceptions: they could be also deported in addition to being fined.

The Federal Supreme Court (FSC) overturned two lower court sentences which fined the man – whose identity has not been disclosed – AED3,000 (£514) after charging him with cybercrimes.

“FSC supported the prosecutor’s appeal and affirmed the need for enforcement of the law governing information technology crimes involving a AED250,000 fine and deportation from the country,” the court said.

According to court documents, the defendant was tried after a colleague complained to police that he had sworn in a message using “insulting” words and allegedly threatened him.

It is not clear what the exact message sent on WhatsApp was. However, the defendant has denied the charges.
Pate allegedly called his employer “backstabbers” and discouraged people from working for the organization. He faces up to five years in jail and a fine if found guilty.