How do I configure and use OpenVPN for my android smartphone?


To connect OpenVPN for Android smartphone, you need to download and install OpenVPN client, for example Spider VPN. To install OpenVPN, do you know what is OpenVPN and how does it work? OpenVPN is one of the open source software, and anyone can make use this software. And, anyone can modify the function of OpenVPN. When it comes to security, one of the most commonly used VPN software among people is OpenVPN.

Due to its features like extensive support and easy to use, this OpenVPN is widely used by many of them in the world.

How does OpenVPN work?

The OpenVPN works on the client and server that means OpenVPN server connected to the internet and all client computer, mobile, and laptop device that has OpenVPN software can access the internet through the OpenVPN server.

When you’re accessing the internet, all information from internet comes in the form of encrypted manner and vice versa for sending information. In this way, the OpenVPN server provides protection for user’s information.

I hope, from this, you know about OpenVPN and how it works right!! Now, let’s see how to use OpenVPN on Android phone.

How to configure and use OpenVPN on your Android smartphone?

As I said before, to use OpenVPN on your phone, you need to download and install OpenVPN client. First of all, you need to download VPN configuration file for your phone and simply follow the below steps to download VPN configuration files.

Step #1:

Open your mobile browser to look for your VPN configuration files and download it. Your VPN configuration will be named as UIC-netID.ovpn and saved in the default storage directory.

Step #2:

Go to your android google play store and search for the app called ‘OpenVPN client. And, download this app and install it on your phone.

Step #3:

Now, continue the process that mentioned in the first step and find the downloaded configuration VPN file and open it. When you open this configuration file, it will automatically open the OpenVPN.

If it doesn’t open OpenVPN connect automatically, then no problem, open it manually and import the downloaded configuration file. And then continue the following steps.

Step #4:

The OpenVPN connect open the window and ask you to accept the connection. So, click ‘accept’ option to connect OpenVPN.

Step #5:

After that, it shows another window with username and password. Here, enter your username and password. And then, click the connect button.

Step #6:

Now, a small pop-up window appears and asks you about trust this or not. So, choose I trust this application option and click the ok button.

Step #7:

If the OpenVPN is connected, then it shows green mark, and also you will get two notifications about the OpenVPN activation.

That’s all!! Open VPN for Android smartphone is configured and as well as connected to use.

It is very easy to disconnect the OpenVPN; by just open it and click Disconnect button on the window.

How to set up VPN for Android?

VPN for AndroidLast Update: June 14 2016

We all know that there are so many serious security risks are associated with the data transferring through the internet. But, we want to keep and share all the information in the secured form, you too right!! So, an Android offers a pleasant surprise for all its users. That is they provide full security with the help of VPN.

Why we need VPN for Android?

Nowadays, Android smartphone is attacked by malware-infected websites and attacked through emails. But, if you have VPN service on your Android phone, then your data is in an encrypted format so no one can read your data. Android VPN helps to unblock restricted websites. While transferring information VPN uses encryption for full protection, so you no need to worry about security. It is the reason why we need VPN for our Android smartphone.

How to set up VPN for Android?

There are so many VPN apps for Android available and among all, you have to download any one for your phone. However, Android is made to have integrated support for PPTP and L2TP VPNs. So, you connect any one of these 2 VPN without getting help by installing any VPN apps.

If you want to connect these two VPN for Android phone, then you can simply follow the below steps to attain it.

Step #1:

Open the setting tab on your phone and click more to get other options.

Step #2:

Click VPN and add new VPN by click the plus symbol on the right side of the window.

Step #3:

In the current window, fill the required details such as the name of the VPN, choose the type of VPN among those 2, and then enter the address of your VPN. After entering all the required details, click ‘save’ option.

Step #4:

It shows another window to fill the username and password. This username and password already sent to your mail id, so check it and enter those details here. And then, save this information for next time use.

Between more than one VPN address, you can switch to any one by using this information. At that period, you no need to fill it again.

Step #5:

That’s all!! VPN is connected, and you will get notification message about this activation. Keep the VPN in active mode for always.

Which VPN is best for android?

When you’re going to use openVPN service for your Android phone, you need VPN apps. As I said before, there are so many apps for Android VPN, so which is best VPN for Android? Here are some of the best VPN you can use on Android.

Sahrzad VPN:

If you want to connect any worldwide VPN servers, then Sahrzad VPN is one of the best choices for you.

VPN Account:

VPN  Account is another secure  VPN for Android phone and with this you can get trusted and as well as a top range of VPN service.


SpiderVPN is a professional VPN and it also very easy to use. By using this Vpn service, you can able to get high standard VPN speed.

Similarly, so many best VPN apps are there for you. Thus, choose any one and install it, if you need openVPN service.


2016: Internet censorship in the world

Below you can see the map of Internet censorship in the world in 2016.


Level of censorship

Pervasive: A large portion of content in several categories is blocked.
Substantial: A number of categories are subject to a medium level of filtering or many categories are subject to a low level of filtering.
Selective: A small number of specific sites are blocked or filtering targets a small number of categories or issues.
Suspected: It is suspected, but not confirmed, that Web sites are being blocked.
No evidence: No evidence of blocked Web sites, although other forms of controls may exist.

Areas of activity

Political: Views and information in opposition to those of the current government or related to human rights, freedom of expression, minority rights, and religious movements.
Social: Views and information perceived as offensive or as socially sensitive, often related to sexuality, gambling, or illegal drugs and alcohol.
Conflict/security: Views and information related to armed conflicts, border disputes, separatist movements, and militant groups.
Internet tools: e-mail, Internet hosting, search, translation, and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, and censorship or filtering circumvention methods.
Current Enemies of the Internet:

Past Enemies of the Internet:

Current Countries Under Surveillance:

Past Countries Under Surveillance:

And one of the solution how to avoid Internet censorship is using a VPN!


Spider VPN on Amazon

ic_launcher_spidervpn_play_marketNow Spider VPN is available on .

Spider VPN is a secure vpn service for Android. Open vpn is the best way to bypass Internet censorship.

VPN masks your real IP address and encrypts all your traffic.

With Spider VPN you can avoid Internet filtering and access any restricted website.

Unblock Skype, Viber, Facebook, Youtube and others blocked sites fast and easy with Spider VPN.

You can try it right now for free!


How to Watch Netflix and Hulu in the Middle East


Without a doubt, Netflix and Hulu are two of the best streaming giant services the world can offer. Both of them offers great features such as user friendly interface and affordable membership fees. But while you are wondering which of the two platforms is better than the other, you should also understand that Netflix and Hulu are blocked in the Middle East.

As of posting, Netflix is available North and South America, Australia, Japan, New  Zealand, and some parts of Europe, while Hulu is only available in the US. In October

2015, there were reports that Netflix has plans to extend their services to the Middle East. For the meantime, here are some tips on how to watch Netflix and Hulu if you are or will go to the Middle East.

Proxy servers

A proxy server is a free application or computer system that acts as your middleman while browsing the web. Once you are connected to the system, it then sends a request to the web page you want to visit using its IP address. But although proxies are very to use and your real IP address and location are hidden, traffic is not encrypted which means you are not totally safe. In addition, connection is very slow and is not suitable for gaming and video streaming.


Hola, being a web browser extension or add­on, is very popular among Netflix and Hulu users. It is readily available for download for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and works well on Android and iOs devices. Although the current subscription fee is $5 a month, you can also choose its free service. But in May 2015, Hola was heavily criticized after free users realized that their bandwidth was being sold to other users via its sister company, Luminati.


Tor, which has an original project name of The Onion Router, is also famous for being an effective anonymization service. Just like its competitors, Tor allows you to browse the web anonymously by providing you a new IP address, and therefore hiding your real IP address and geo­location. However, many Tor users outside the US complain its speed and audio quality when they use the service for video streaming, especially for Netflix and Hulu.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN runs using with almost on the same principle as the ones mentioned above, but definitely in a more secured manner. Once you are connection on a VPN server, your web traffic is highly encrypted that any third party can hardly intercept. VPN services are also proven very effective in video streaming because of its fast connection. There are also free services, but paid VPNs are much better, especially in terms of security and customer service.


Internet censorship in the Arab nations is very strict, with most of its countries belong to the so called “Enemies of the Internet.” So if you want to fully enjoy Netflix and Hulu during your stay in Middle East, using a VPN is so far the best option. Just make sure you choose a reliable VPN service provider, and you don’t do illegal activities online.




How to Watch US TV Using VPN While You Are Abroad

How to Watch Netflix in Israel

SSTP VPN: Pros and Cons

sstp vpn frm Sahrzad

There are several types of vpn available today. We have discussed different types of vpn recently and offered you some tips how to select the best vpn for your needs.

Today we would like to describe SSTP VPN, its main features, advantages and disadvantages.

Without a doubt, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best way to browse the web anonymously no matter where you are. Besides being affordable and offers fast Internet connection, VPN traffic is highly encrypted thus protecting you from unwanted third parties even if you are in Wi-Fi zone. There are many types of VPN, and SSTP VPN is only one of them.

By simple definition, SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) VPN is a proprietary Microsoft protocol and was introduced in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and therefore best suited for computers and gadgets running on Windows operating system. This application-layer protocol employs a synchronous data flow between two programs in a back and forth process.

As the client is connected to the Internet, connectivity is being established via common ports such as TCP 443 or 80. As the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) negotiation takes place, the client gets the server certificate and will be validated. The client will also send a HTTPS request, where S means Secure. This makes it better than most VPN types for Windows users.

During the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) negotiation at both ends, the client is being authenticated to the server. Once this PPP has been completed, an IP interface shall be established on both the client and the server, and both ends can already to send IP packets to each other. With all of these processes, SSTP VPN addresses many VPN connection problems.

Another great feature of SSTP VPN include having an integrated support for Network Access Protection (NAP). In addition, it establishes a single HTTP over SSL session from the client to the server, instead of two. Therefore, it offers better load balancing third-party SSL-based VPN solutions that use two HTTP over SSL session, thus providing lower network utilization.

Pros and Cons of SSTP VPN

Generally speaking, SSTP VPN is not only an application tunnel for one application and is virtually better against a very restrictive firewall as compared to other VPNs. Nevertheless, you should still understand its advantages and disadvantages so you know if it is compatible to your devices, and will satisfy your needs. Below are some of its major pros and cons:


➢ Best VPN for Windows users, when compared to OpenVPN and PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec
➢ Fully integrated into the VPN client components
➢ You are not required to install any third-party software, making it applicable independent
➢ Well-secured Internet connection, and can bypass most firewalls
➢ SSTP has stronger forced authentication than IPSec. and has support for non IP protocols
➢ SSTP can be configured to use AES encryption, making it more trustworthy than L2TP/IPsec


➢ Compatible only on Windows-based devices, since it is exclusively designed for Microsoft
➢ Being a proprietary protocol, it is not subject to the independent audits, as compared to OpenVPN
➢ Very poor or totally no support on non-Microsoft platforms, such as Apple
➢ Does not support site-to-site VPN tunnels, unlike the PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols
➢ Prone to the TCP meltdown problem, where performance depends on the sufficient excess bandwidth

From Sahrzad’s Blog


Reasons to use VPN in the Middle East

Politics, iPlayer and Porn

Millions of people are spending their evenings in such simple pleasures like reading news and politics websites, watching internet porn, and enjoying  the latest episode of Game of Thrones and others films on iPlayer.

It is hard to believe but these things are not available in the Arab world. Internet censorship, as well as geographical restrictions on online content are terrible in this part of the wold.

But this is not the end on Internet – it is just another day on the internet with VPN solutions.


VPN or Virtual private networks, widespread only in the business sphere before, are very popular today among home Internet users in the Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan, Iran.

Such networks establish a private, encrypted data connection, and allow users to sidestep local censorship rules while disguising their online identities.

For example, an internet user in Qatar or the UAE could use a VPN to access online pornography, avoiding blocks on sites imposed in many Arab countries. VPNs can also allow access to outlawed political sites, certain social media services and other blocked content.

For example, an internet user in Saudi Arabia could use a VPN service to watch TV shows on the BBC’s iPlayer service, which is only available in the UK and a handful of other countries.

Defeating censorship?

Internet censorship is rife in the Middle East. Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia were ranked as the “top 10 most censored countries” in a 2012 report by the New York based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

“Iranian authorities maintain one of the world’s toughest internet censorship regimes, blocking

Legal implications

Yet could using a VPN land you in trouble?

In a market like the UAE, the law prohibits VPNs if they are used to commit or conceal a crime, legal experts say.

“Article 9 in the UAE’s Law No.5/2012 on Combatting Cyber Crimes makes it an offense to use ‘a fraudulent computer network protocol address by using a false address or a third party address’ for the purposes of committing or concealing a crime,” said Dino Wilkinson, partner at the Norton Rose Fulbright legal practice in Abu Dhabi.

Wilkinson said that it is highly unlikely the UAE law would be construed to pursue expatriates using VPNs to access online TV services.

“I am not aware of any particular enforcement actions being taken or contemplated by authorities on this type of benign personal use,” he said.

“I think there would be a bit of uproar among expats if they were stopped from watching Eastenders or the equivalent from their home countries.”

Adult sites in Saudi Arabia

Lots of Internet users from Middle East and Saudi Arabia are looking for adult websites that are available in Saudi Arabia.

Is any porn site not blocked in Saudi Arabia?

It is sad to say but all adult content is blocked in Saudi Arabia on country’s level due to religious and moral principles.

Internet restrictions  are very strict in KSA.

That means that you cannot access porn sites with your general Saudi IP address.
On one hand this is very disappointing for many people but on the other hand you can avoid all Internet limits easily!


Sahrzad offers secure and reliable service that helps to open any blocked site in Saudi Arabia.
Sahrzad is:

  • Safe
  • secure
  • legal
  • 100% anonymous
  • open any blocked website

Learn more about Sahrzad service!

To access any restricted website you need only 3 simple steps:

  1. Get VPN Account
  2. Setup VPN connection on your device – this is very easy and fast
  3. Enjoy your Internet freedom and security!

Using Android?


If you Android user you can save your money with Spider VPN for Android. This is safe and secure.


Try our service today and get an access to any site you want.


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The best solutions to access adult sites in the Middle East

How to access blocked adult sites in the Middle East

AdultContentMillions of websites are available today in the Internet. In many counties government blocks some kind of websites. The restrictions are based on IP address mostly so today it is not a problem to bypass these limits.

Best ways to open blocked porn sites

We have discussed the solutions how to open blocked sites. The short list is:

  1. VPN
  2. Proxy
  3. TOR
  4. Browser extensions
  5. Translation services
  6. DNS
  7. Mobile Applications
  8. Software
  9. Wayback machine
  10. https instead of http
  11. Sites unblockers

You can use any of them but please remember that the most reliable and safe method is using vpn.

Pornography is prohibited in the Middle East. That is why people use vpn to hide IP address and unblock adult sites.

Also many people want to be secure and anonymous and do not show anybody that they are surfing porn sites.
VPN is a great way to be private and secure because it not only hides IP address but also encrypts off the traffic sent via vpn tunnel.
You can read more about vpn here.

How to unblock sites with Sahrzad

You can use Sahrzad vpn on different devices connected to the Internet. This can be your iPad or iPhone, Android planshets, Windows computer or Mac book.
If you care about your privacy – vpn is ideal solution because you can use system features of your device and you even do not need any additional software.

How to unblock porn sites in ipad

  1. Setup vpn connection on your ipad
      1. Go to Settings > General > VPN
        setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 1
      2. Click Add VPN Configuration
        setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 2
      3. Choose PPTP VPN and enter you VPN account data. You will receive your VPN server, username and password in the e-mail
        Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols)setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 3
      4. Save your VPN configuration. Once you have created VPN connection you can switch it ON and OFF on the main settings screen
        setup vpn in iPhone/iPad 4

    Once you have created vpn connection you can switch it on and off on the main settings screen.

    2. Connect to vpn

    3. Enjoy your Internet freedom

How to unblock porn sites in Android

1. Setup vpn connection on your Android

    1. Click Settings icon

how to setup VPN in android

    1. Select Wireless & Networks and tap on VPN

how to setup VPN in android

    1. Tap Add VPN Networkhow to setup VPN in android
    2. Input connection name (Sahrzad VPN), select the type of your VPN connection – PPTP VPN, input VPN server address from your account data.
      Please be carefully – don’t use any additional symbols like spaces, http://, www, / …etc in the server to setup VPN in android
    3. Input your Username and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.
      Save it and tap Connect

how to setup VPN in android

For connection to vpn server:

  1. Select Home > Menu > Settings
  2. Tap Wireless & networks
  3. Tap VPN settings
  4. The VPN connections you have added are present in the list
  5. Tap the VPN you wish to connect to (Sahrzad VPN)
  6. A dialog box will open asking for your credentials, enter them and click connect

When you are connected to VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Android device. If you are disconnected, you will receive a notification and an option to go back to the VPN settings section.

2. Connect to vpn

3. Enjoy your Internet freedom

How to unblock porn sites in Mac

1. Setup vpn connection on your Mac

  1. Click the Apple logo, and select System PreferencesSetup VPN in Mac OS X - 1

    2. Click on the Network icon under Internet & Network

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 2

    3. If you see a locked padlock in the bottom left, click on it. Otherwise skip to step 5.

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 3

    4. Enter your password in the dialog box

    5. Click on the little + icon just above the padlock

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 5

    6. Select VPN From the interface drop down.

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 6

    7. Select PPTP From the VPN Type drop down

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 7

    8. Enter the name Sahrzad and click Create

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 8

    9. Enter the Server Address that Sahrzad sent you, and your username.
    Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols)
    Also check the box that says Show VPN status in menu bar

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 9

    10. Click on the Authentication Settings button, and enter your password

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 10

    11. Click Advanced button and tick ‘Send all traffic over VPN connection’.

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 10

    12. Click Apply button to save all the changes.

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 11

    13. In the top right of your screen, click the token icon that looks like this. From that, a menu will drop down. Click on the Connect link for your company name. This will initiate the VPN connection.

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 12

    14. If all is well, after a few seconds you will be connected, and a timer will start showing you how long you have been connected

    Setup VPN in Mac OS X - 13

2. Connect to vpn

3. Enjoy your Internet freedom

How to unblock porn sites in Windows

1. Setup vpn connection on your Windows

To setup vpn connection in Windows 8 please follow the next steps:

1. Display the Charms bar, click Search, and then click Settings.


2. Type VPN into the Search box.

3. Click the Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection button in the Search results pane.

4. The VPN Connection wizard appears. Enter the following information:

  1. * VPN server address from your account data that you received from Sahrzad into Internet Address text box. Please be carefully – don’t use any additional symbols like spaces, http://, www, / …etc in the server address.
  2. * Destination Name. It’s just a name of your connection. For example it can be “Sahrzad VPN”.

5. Click Create.

VPN connection is created and Windows 8 displays it under the Networks heading in the Charms bar. Click on it to connect.

See others setup guides for Windows here.

2. Connect to vpn

3. Enjoy your Internet freedom

Access restricted websites in the Middle East with Sahrzad

With Sahrzad vpn you can access restricted websites in any Middle East country:

  • United Arab Emitares (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah)
  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain (Manama)
  • Iraq
  • Oman (Ad Dakhiliyah
    Ad Dhahirah North
    Al Batinah North
    Al Batinah South
    Al Buraimi
    Al Wusta
    Ash Sharqiyah North
    Ash Sharqiyah South
  • Qatar
    1. Madinat ash Shamal
    2. Al Khor
    3. Umm Salal
    4. Al Daayen
    5. Al Rayyan
    6. Doha
    7. Al Wakrah
  • Pakistan: Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Lahore, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Sialkot, Bahawalpur, Sukkur, Jhang, Sheikhupura, Abbottabad, Gujrat, Larkana
  • Saudi Arabia (KSA): Al Jawf (or Jouf), Sakaka, Northern Borders, Arar, Tabuk, Ha’il, Al Madinah, Al Qasim, Buraidah, Makkah, Mecca, Al Riyadh, Riyadh, Eastern Province, Dammam, Al Bahah (or Baha) , Asir, Abha, Jizan, Najran


banner 336x280 safety on-line


Is it safe to use VPN?


Millions of people cannot imagine their life without Internet today. We connect to global network from anywhere: homes, schools, offices, cafés, hotels, bus stops and even public beaches.

How safe is this?

Have you ever think about your network security and privacy?
This is question is especially actual if you are using unsafe public Wi-Fi zones.
In some countries like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and others Gulf countries your online privacy is not only a question of your wishes to be anonymous. This could be question of your freedom.
That is why you should not risk and rely on doubtful services.
VPN service is really a perfect solution to make you protected in the Internet. But VPN service providers can be different.

What items you should consider to select the best vpn providers for your needs?

1. Privacy policy.

You must be aware that many free vpn service collect your personal information for some unknown needs. How they use these data? It is better to read Privacy policy before using the service.

2. Data logs

Many providers have log files on their services and store this information. This means that they can review your Internet activity anytime! And see what you are doing on-line.

3. Collecting your IP Address

Some vpn providers collect your IP Address. Ask – why do they do that???
To tell the truth – some vpn provider can store your sensitive data for very long time – even longer than your Internet service provider.
What privacy are you talking about in this case???
A VPN service you can rely must wipe all data logs regularly. The best is within hours of them being created. In such case any requests for the data cannot be fulfilled.

What questions do you need to ask?

So if you are going to use a VPN service what questions should you ask in order to determine whether or not they take privacy seriously. Here’s a few suggestions.

Do they have a privacy policy?

You can be surprised to discover that some VPNs don’t even have a privacy policy.

How long do they retain logs?

The best if VPN does not keep log files over 24 hours.

Where the VPN service registered in?

Knowing what country the VPN is registered in will let you research the country’s laws pertaining to online privacy.

What kind of personal data VPN service retains?

It is great to know if your VPN provider can link your account to a real identity.

Spider VPN guarantees you

100% safety and security

with our premium personal VPN solution!