How to set up VPN for Android?

VPN for AndroidLast Update: June 14 2016

We all know that there are so many serious security risks are associated with the data transferring through the internet. But, we want to keep and share all the information in the secured form, you too right!! So, an Android offers a pleasant surprise for all its users. That is they provide full security with the help of VPN.

Why we need VPN for Android?

Nowadays, Android smartphone is attacked by malware-infected websites and attacked through emails. But, if you have VPN service on your Android phone, then your data is in an encrypted format so no one can read your data. Android VPN helps to unblock restricted websites. While transferring information VPN uses encryption for full protection, so you no need to worry about security. It is the reason why we need VPN for our Android smartphone.

How to set up VPN for Android?

There are so many VPN apps for Android available and among all, you have to download any one for your phone. However, Android is made to have integrated support for PPTP and L2TP VPNs. So, you connect any one of these 2 VPN without getting help by installing any VPN apps.

If you want to connect these two VPN for Android phone, then you can simply follow the below steps to attain it.

Step #1:

Open the setting tab on your phone and click more to get other options.

Step #2:

Click VPN and add new VPN by click the plus symbol on the right side of the window.

Step #3:

In the current window, fill the required details such as the name of the VPN, choose the type of VPN among those 2, and then enter the address of your VPN. After entering all the required details, click ‘save’ option.

Step #4:

It shows another window to fill the username and password. This username and password already sent to your mail id, so check it and enter those details here. And then, save this information for next time use.

Between more than one VPN address, you can switch to any one by using this information. At that period, you no need to fill it again.

Step #5:

That’s all!! VPN is connected, and you will get notification message about this activation. Keep the VPN in active mode for always.

Which VPN is best for android?

When you’re going to use openVPN service for your Android phone, you need VPN apps. As I said before, there are so many apps for Android VPN, so which is best VPN for Android? Here are some of the best VPN you can use on Android.

Sahrzad VPN:

If you want to connect any worldwide VPN servers, then Sahrzad VPN is one of the best choices for you.

VPN Account:

VPN  Account is another secure  VPN for Android phone and with this you can get trusted and as well as a top range of VPN service.


SpiderVPN is a professional VPN and it also very easy to use. By using this Vpn service, you can able to get high standard VPN speed.

Similarly, so many best VPN apps are there for you. Thus, choose any one and install it, if you need openVPN service.