Voice and Video Calls from UAE Dubai 2019

The United Arab Emirates have a very strict policy for voice and video calling services. Most free online calling services like Skype, Line, IMO, Whatsapp and others are blocked in the country. What video calling apps work in UAE Dubai and how to unblock calling services. Please read below and you find out the answers.

To use voice and video calls from UAE you have two options: use recommended but expensive services or use Aeroshield service to access your favorite voice and video calling apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Line, IMO, Viber and others.

Voice and video calling apps not blocked in UAE

Botim in UAE

This is video and voice calling service recommended by Etisalat. It is licensed in the country. The application is free, however you need to subscribe to Etisalat unlimited calling plan for AED50 or AED100 to use voice and video calls.


C’Me – Voice and Video Calls

The second option recommended by both providers: Etisalat and Du. You can use it for calling, video message and video calling.

Unfortunately, it is not free and even not cheap.

Voice and video calls blocked in the UAE

Most of the world’s popular messengers and calling applications are blocked in the UAE. Besides that video conference service like Zoom is blocked in UAE as well.

How to Use VoIP in the UAE

To use your favorite callings apps you can try Aeroshield service. Aeroshield offers you secure invisible private tunnel to stay anonymous and safe and avoid any kind of country’s restriction.

All you need is:

  1. Get Aeroshield account – try for free now!

2. Setup secure connection on your device (Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac) Please review setup guides below.

3. Enjoy unlimited calls from Dubai.

You can use Aeroshield on different devices, please click the button below for find more setup guides for different operating systems.

How to Setup Aeroshield in Android Phone or Tablet

Please download and install SSTP VPN client here

Launch “VPN client pro” app on your Android device

1. Tap + icon to add new VPN connection and choose “New SSTP VPN Profile”

how to setup SSTP in android

how to setup SSTP in android

2. Input name of the VPN connection (anything you want) and tap “Remote servers”

how to setup SSTP in android

3. Tap + icon on the bottom

how to setup VPN SSTP in android

4. Input Server address that you can find in your “vpn account data” letter in the marked field and tap OK button.

how to setup SSTP VPN in android

5. Server address must be exactly as in your account data (without http://, www or any other symbols)

Click the marked icon on the right upper corner to save the settings

how to setup VPN SSTP in android

6. Swipe to the right on the right upper corner to connect to VPN server, input your username and password, tick Save and OK

how to setup VPN SSTP in android

7. If everything is OK you will be connected. When you are connected to VPN, you will see an ongoing notification in the Status bar on your Android device.

how to setup VPN SSTP in android

How to Setup SSL VPN in iPhone and iPad

To setup SSL (SSTP) vpn connection in your iPhone or iPad please follow the next instructions:

1. Install Cisco Anyconnect app from App Store
2. Open Anyconnect app and in Settings section uncheck “Block Untrusted Servers” to allow it.
how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -1 how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -2
3. Back to Home, tap Connections -> Add VPN Connection.
4. Enter Description (any name) and Server Address. Tap Save
how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -3
5. Swipe the AnyConnect VPN switch from OFF to ON and tap Continue
how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -4 how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -5
6. Input Username tap Connect, input Password and tap Connect.
7. Wait for the connection.

how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -6 how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -7 how to setup SSL (SSTP) vpn in iOS iPhone iPad -8


Unblock Skype in UAE 2018 Tested

New 2018 year started from absolutely fantastic show in Dubai and also from really bad news: Skype was banned in UAE both by Etisalat and DU. What can we do now? How to unblock Skype in UAE in 2018? Read below and you will find a solution.

Both Internet service providers in the United Arab Emirates confirmed that all unlicensed and unauthorized Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services are not supported in the country. Skype, Line, WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook calling, Google’s Duo, Facetime and other similar services are now officially not available in UAE.

Previously this year TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) confirmed that any VOIP applications or services must be approved by the applicable regulatory framework in the country. Unfortunately Skype is not among licensed applications.

How to Unblock Skype in UAE in 2018

The good news that you still can use Skype and similar services in UAE in 2018. All you need for this is VPN – virtual private network.

VPN masks your real IP address and lets to bypass any kind of Internet limits.

So all you need to use Skype in UAE is:

  1. Get your VPN button.viewyouraccount
  2. Setup VPN connection
  3. Connect to VPN
  4. Use Skype without any limits.

Some people in UAE afraid using VPN. However, according to official TRA’s internet guidelines on prohibited content, point 14 on illegal communication services, states,

“This category includes internet content that promotes or allows access to illegal communication services according to a regulation or decision by the competent authority.”

Private persons, aside from some corporate organisations, don’t actually run any risk of going to jail and paying a fine as long as they don’t use VPN to commit any cyber crime. So you can safely use Skype and stay in touch with your family using Skype in UAE. You can also consider some alternatives to Skype, like IMO, WhatsApp calling, Line and others.



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