Unblock Rocket League from UAE Dubai

Rocket League game was blocked in the United Arab Emirates due to using unlicensed VOIP per UAE Regulatory Framework. So now the only way to play Rocket League in the UAE is to mask your IP address with some secure and reliable service, like Aeroshield.

Aerosield makes your Internet connection protected. It hides IP address using an invisible encrypted tunnel. This helps to avoid any geo-restrictions.
Try Aeroshieldtoday for free and forget about limits. Enjoy Rocket League from UAE and other countries.

You can use Sahrzad on PlayStation, Windows or any other device.

It will work fine for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

Rocket league is absolutely new amazing “soccer, but with rocket-powered cars” game developed and published by Psyonix. Millions of players love the game. It is popular all around the world now. You buy the game, buy some stuff and you can’t play it in the UAE? Resolve this problem today with Sahrzad.

Rocket League UAE

Important for Rocket League players:
The ME servers only support these following countries/ISPs with good pings only:
Saudi Arabia: Saudi Telecom Company, and Zain(I think)
Kuwait: Qualitynet, Zain, Viva, Wimd and Fasttelco
Bahrain: Menatelecom, Zain and Viva
UAE: du (only)
Any countries and/or ISPs not mentioned here are not supported, and will have bad experience.

Rocket League Banned in UAE

I have noticed a lot of people from the UAE reporting problems with connectivity. I havent been able to play the game for about 2-3 months now because the server is in butt-???? nowhere which makes us get 150+ ping and more recently I cant even get into a game because it doesnt ever connect me to the RL servers in general or when I find a game it is so laggy that it is unplayable and the connection drops with in 10 seconds. OR there is this other bug which puts the player as spectator when joining a ranked match.


Honestly…. After 3 months of this happening and people reporting and Psyonix doing nothing I angry and disappointed with you guys! STOP PUTTING OUT DLCS WHILST THE GAME DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!

Official respond from Etisalat support:

Hi, it is blocked since it is providing unlicensed (VoIP) which prohibited contents as per UAE Regulatory Framework. Mohammed

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